BioBlocks is a collaborative medicinal chemistry research organization focused on drug discovery from initial lead discovery through identification of development candidates. We believe that collaboration empowers scientists to achieve more than any single entity or individual could alone. We join forces with our clients to discover compounds qualified for advancement to phase two clinical trials.

Company Sites: BioBlocks has been headquartered in San Diego, California since 2002 with research laboratories in Budapest, Hungary.

Expertise: BioBlocks has over 100 years of combined medicinal chemistry experience in the advancement of compounds into the clinic. We have run successful projects for a variety of clients ranging from large pharma to small biotech.

Value: BioBlocks treats each project individually to best accomplish the task at hand. We assemble expert teams that bring together the Hungarian tradition of pharmaceutical chemistry and world-class US medicinal chemistry. This combination allows us to provide both innovative and cost effective solutions.

Innovation: BioBlocks has developed proprietary technology to improve lead discovery and optimization. Designed to augment BioBlocks’ internal research programs, these tools are readily available to advance our clients’ projects. 

Working with Us: BioBlocks has served clients as a complete chemistry department, as an additional resource to enhance an internal team or as a fully integrated partner in a drug discovery team. In all cases, you will find it easy to collaborate with us.