CFL: A Proprietary Next Generation Fragment Library

The Comprehensive Fragment Library (CFL) is a set of small, low flexibility, medicinally interesting fragments. This library originates from a starting set of >3 million potentially synthesizable virtual fragments designed from first principles to maximize exploration of target interactions. Extensive 3D clustering analysis allows broad coverage of chemistry space and provides an immediate follow-up strategy from any screening hit.

CFL designed for maximum diversity with med chem friendly properties


  • Diverse collection of rigid, low molecular weight fragments designed from first principles

  • Designed using our team’s deep medicinal chemistry expertise to meet very strict property criteria

  • Enables access to ~ 3 million high value fragments with less than 19 heavy atoms

Unique 3D enabled diversity fragment screening set



  • Break out of the 2D world with new chemical matter

  • Choose from thousands of related virtual alternatives for each fragment hit

  • Gain a head start on hit to lead and IP

  • Access novel, 3D structures even from commercial hits

Enhanced Fragment Screening with the CFL