Quality and Experience

Our experienced medicinal chemistry team easily recognizes known bad actors and promiscuous compounds from screening collections. Lean on us to help identify your most promising hits and avoid pursuing unproductive series.

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Program progress is frequently halted by compounds with less-than-ideal pharmacological properties. We work to recognize potential liabilities early and replace them with more effective isosteres. 

Some tractable hits with good pharmacological properties still have limited novelty. Our creativity can take well-known chemotypes and prosecute them into patentable lead compounds.

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These critical considerations are also built into our Leap-to-Leadâ„¢ technology platform, which can further augment medicinal chemistry at any stage of a project.

We frequently encounter ambiguous reactivity patterns in complex molecule synthesis. For example, alkylation of lactams often gives a mixture of isomers. We are always mindful about reaction selectivity and routinely determine the correct structures of the compounds we make.


Ref: Chem. Pharm. Bull., 1998, 46, 1317.

Designing the right compound is crucial to advancing your program. Being sure of the compounds you have synthesized is just as important. We scrutinize every detail of our syntheses to ensure that the compound you want is the compound you test. Rely on us and be confident in your data.


We realize the importance of getting the most out of your limited research budget. Both aminopyrazole tautomers shown below are available in multigram quantities from a well-known vendor. The compound on the left is sold at nearly twice the cost of the compound on the right.

Whatever your particular challenges may be, our insights help you make the right decisions for your project.