The Syntheverse™ is the Leap-to-Lead platform’s very large virtual library that provides useful, property-filtered compound sets. It enables our partners to identify alternative lead series and new hit to lead paths.

A US patent has been issued to BioBlocks for Syntheverse™ technology.

How it Works

Providing access to over 500 billion compounds, the Syntheverse™ produces sets of diverse synthesizable products through precoded synthetic schemes and purchasable starting materials. Starting from an initial fragment or any synthetic compound, compound sets with predesignated properties are generated for additional selection by virtual screen or direct synthesis and assay. 

When queried with an active molecule, compounds are suggested which are synthetically accessible via one or more existing synthetic routes. Such output provides library design ideas for hit follow-up from screening or lead/scaffold hopping to novel series. 

The Syntheverse™ is a road map to every compound synthetically achievable


  • Improve access to currently synthesizable compounds

  • Practice the art of the possible: discover your lead in the synthetically accessible universe of compounds

  • Revisit your patent strategy by replacing common building blocks with new sizes and shapes

  • Leap beyond the ordinary limits of imagination to optimize your lead

Improved Lead Optimization & IP Coverage